Iliad, Odyssey - Homer

Iliad, Odyssey - Homer

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Number of pages: 236
Format: 14 x 20.5 cm 
Illustrations: no
Binding type: claims
Read for: 1st grade of high school

Issue content:
Edition adapted to the high school reading program. The choice of singing, and the other songs from the integral edition are retold for easier follow-up.
Iliad: Introduction to the plot of the Iliad: The Founding of Troy, Paris, The Abduction of Helena, The Greeks are preparing for a war of fully published chants: first chant, third chant, sixth chant, sixteenth chant, eighteenth chant, twenty-fourth chant. Odyssey: Odysseus' return, Revenge on the beggars. Fully published chants: first chant, nineteenth chant, twenty-first chant.
Edition equipment: 
Preface to the authors
Interpreter of names and terms
Footnotes with explanations in chants published in full

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